Tire Center

In Need of New Tires for Your Car or SUV? Wide Selection of the Most Popular Brands Here at Audi Tulsa

Whether you live here in Tulsa, OK, or the nearby areas of Owasso, OK, Sand Springs, OK, Broken Arrow, OK, or Bixby, OK, you know that we get our fair share of harsh weather. That's why it's so important to maintain the health of your vehicle's tires. If you've ever seen the construction of a skyscraper or even a house from the ground up, then you know how important the laying of the foundation is. It's the base on which everything else will be built. It must be strong and true. 

The same can be said for tires on a vehicle. Without great tires, you're more at risk for accidents or mishaps on the road. Tires aren't glamorous but the job they do is of the utmost importance. Without tires, how far would our vehicle drive? Tires must deal with the elements all the time: rain, slippery roads, mud, extreme heat, and sharp objects in the road. Then there are the potholes and the branches and other unavoidable debris after a big storm to deal with. It's imperative that tires retain a strong grip on every road surface in order to keep your vehicle functioning properly.

When you're in the market for a new set of tires, don't trust your Audi to just any garage, or slap any old tires onto it. Stop in and visit Audi Tulsa. Here, we have an excellent selection of brand-new tires in all different sizes and popular brands for you to choose from. You can also conveniently check which tires will best fit your Audi right here on our website, saving you extra time.

Drivers from the nearby areas of Owasso, OK, Sand Springs, OK, Broken Arrow, OK, and Bixby, OK, often tell us how happy they are that they made the short drive to see us and to choose tires from our well-stocked Tire Center. Find great deals on top name-brand tires here. We'll be happy to install them in our service center, or you can take them with you to do your own installation. Remember: when you think "tires," and the Tulsa, OK, area, we hope you'll think immediately of Audi Tulsa.