Avoid Purchasing a Flooded Car with Helpful Tips from Audi Tulsa

The team here at Audi Tulsa is dedicated to providing a superior shopping experience to our customers. One of the ways we can offer you a superlative experience is through education and awareness.  We have found that it is important to review the issues related to flooded cars and those that would try to sell you one of these vehicles.

As many cars have been impacted beyond repair due to recent storms, there will still be some used vehicles being sold in the marketplace that appear fine to you at first glance. At Audi Tulsa, we know the warning signs that you need to be on the lookout for, as a flooded car investment can prove to be costly with a number of additional related issues. If you notice any of these question marks below, it is important to think twice about the automotive investment that you are set to make.


Below Are Flooded Car Warning Signs for Shoppers to Be Aware of:


Seller Reliability

  • Seller Reliability: If a dealer or associated car salesperson seems eager to get a vehicle out of their inventory at all costs, or looks to cover up any potential condition issues that you may be looking for, then you may have the case of a flooded car trying to be showcased as a quality used model

Moldy Aroma

  • Moldy Aroma: Drivers that notice a pungent smell or any type of interior aroma should immediately proceed with caution


  • Moisture Trapped in Car: When you are looking at a used vehicle, we suggest feeling around inside. If you notice moisture caught in any areas, or any other type of debris build-up, then you may be onto the signs of water damage

Corrosion or Rust

  • Corrosion or Rust Damage: After a vehicle has been damaged by excess water or flooding, corrosion or rust may be noticeable on screws, hinges, springs and brackets throughout. These are important, but subtle, areas to take a look at

Test Drive

  • Test Drive Importance: Check all of the electrical functionality of a used vehicle by actually test driving it. Use your turn signal and headlights and observe engine start-up to see if any water damage has impacted a prospective vehicle's use

Oil Color

  • Oil Color: Oil should be dark and with a specific texture. If it looks discolored and thicker than normal, this may be an indication that flooding did occur


  • Pricing: Does a seemingly quality pre-owned vehicle come in listed at way below market value? The warning bells should be ringing, as this may be an indication the seller wants to rid themselves of this car immediately

Here at Audi Tulsa, we care tremendously about our local communities and the customers we serve. If you're shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle now, we suggest utilizing these tips throughout the process. We also would like to emphasize that our dealership prides ourselves on trust, accountability and transparency, with no risk of a flooded pre-owned vehicle ever being accepted into our inventory. Please call us with any questions that you may have about this information.



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