Don't Be Stranded! Learn How to Test Your Car's Battery

At Audi Tulsa we know there is never a good time for a bad battery. With the help of a simple tool you can check your car's battery and determine if it needs to be replaced. The process only takes a few seconds.

You'll need a tool called a multimeter. This tool has a meter connected to positive and negative leads. You'll touch the leads to the appropriate battery terminal and consult the meter. A good battery should be testing at 12.4 volts or higher. A reading lower than 12 volts might mean the battery needs to be replaced. Most batteries have a life of four to five years. If the one on your car is older than that you should probably get a new one.

Here at our dealership in beautiful Tulsa we would be happy to check your battery. We can also help with replacement if a new battery is required.


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