Maintaining a Functional Transmission Requires Regular Transmission Service

For many drivers in Tulsa, OK, transmission service is not a priority, but it should be an integral part of your regularly scheduled maintenance. How often is the automatic transmission fluid changed for your vehicle? Has it ever been changed?

The transmission fluid must remain in good condition to perform essential functions such as lubricating, cooling and cleaning internal components of the transmission. The fluid should be exchanged based on the auto manufacturer's specific recommendations; however, it should be checked periodically, which may indicate that transmission service is needed before the recommendation.

Transmission service is not a do-it-yourself service and requires a qualified technician. It includes the technician test driving the vehicle to examine the overall operation of the transmission, inspecting the hydraulic pressure to ensure its functioning properly, and of course, exchanging the transmission fluid. Schedule your transmission service today with Audi Tulsa by using our online scheduler. The service generally takes less than two hours to complete.

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