Go ahead and take up space in the Audi A8 executive sedan

Somewhere along the line many shoppers started assuming the only way they could take up space on the Owasso OK streets was if they were driving an Audi SUV. While we do love our "larger" models, we want to politely remind shoppers that certain sedans can be just as imposing on the Sand Springs OK pavements. Case in point: the Audi A8 .

The Audi A8 is a full-size, executive, truly massive flagship model that oozes presence, power, and prestige. Coming in at 208.7-inches, the Audi is 8-inches longer than the three-row Audi Q7 SUV, and it's ideal for the driver who wants to stand out on the streets as much as they stand out in the boardroom.

Of course, it's not just the outside of the Audi A8 that makes a scene. If anything, the Audi A8's exterior and its available Lighting Package that gives those behind you a taillight light show almost pales in comparison to the sumptuous interior that will please passengers and/or make you consider a driver so you can rest in the well-equipped backseat while you get driven to your Bixby OK office!

Cabin Design

Settle into the front seat of the Audi A8 and be prepared to meet the updated Audi MMI® infotainment system. The top touchscreen lets you adjust music, navigation, settings, and more, and on the bottom screen you can set the temperature and other comfort levels.

The backseat gets an equally stunning setup which can only be called world-class. There's a touchscreen system on the fold-down arm rest and available 10.1-inch tablets that can be placed on the back of the front seats. With the Executive Rear Seat package you can even get a foot massager; all the more reason to get the aforementioned driver and have them hunt for traffic jams so it takes longer to get back to your Broken Arrow OK home!

For more information on the large, luxurious, and powerful 2019 Audi A8 executive sedan, stop into our Tulsa OK dealership this week.

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