Audi Reveals Next-Generation Technology at CES 2019

The future may not be now, but it is certainly on the horizon if Audi’s presence at the recent Consumer Electronics Show is any indication. CES 2019, as it was known by the masses, produced a ton of technological announcements to get excited about. However, Audi might have made the most headlines with its next-generation drive-in movie technology concept.

As we move closer to 2020, the idea of a driver less car is closer than ever to becoming a reality, and while we aren’t there yet, Audi appears to be prepping for that future. The big reveal they had for the show was a concept of a car that provides a 4-D experience while the vehicle is stationary. As you watch a movie inside it, the car shifts up, down, and side to side, dynamically reacting to whatever it is you are watching.

People who attended the show got to stand in line and experience what the company is calling the “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment” project for themselves. As a trailer was projected on a screen outside of the car, the vehicle reacted to make the viewers feel like they were part of the movie.

While this is only a concept, Audi’s forward-thinking approach generates a lot of exciting prospects for the future. For drivers that don’t necessarily want to stare at the lines of a highway for eight straight hours, a driver-less car with this kind of entertainment experience has the potential to completely change how we experience on-road travel.

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