2 Performance Features on the Audi A4 You Will Want to Know About

You will find that the new performance features on the Audi A4 are really something special. They make the car fun to drive while providing for a better overall experience. Allows us to tell you about a couple of those now, then you can check out the rest when you visit Audi Tulsa.

With the Audi drive select, you are now able to change the way the car performs for you based on the conditions that you find yourself in. Choose from Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, or Individual. This puts you back in control of the driving experience once again.

The engine itself has been redesigned to give out even more power. With an impressive 248 horsepower, you will love the way this baby revs up for you. It will also take you only 5.6 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph. That is impressive no matter how you look at. Schedule a test drive today at Audi Tulsa.


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