When it comes to control and dynamics, Audi quattro® all-wheel drive makes all the difference

Here at Audi Tulsa, we know there are any number of different things that drivers love about our Audi cars. But while some may prefer their signature styling and others may be wooed by their creature comforts and amenities, nearly everyone seems to rave about the feeling of confidence and control they enjoy behind the wheel of Audi vehicles. And when it comes to eliciting that feeling every time you slip behind the wheel an Audi car, it's the Audi brand's legendary quattro® all-wheel drive system that truly sets it apart from the competition when it comes to delivering the driving experience that so many Tulsa shoppers crave.

Now, here in the greater Tulsa area, we're fortunate to live in a corner of the country where all-wheel drive isn't usually necessary. After all, with an abundance of sunny weather in most seasons and less snowfall the most northerly states, two-wheel drive cars are just fine for most drivers.

But if you're like many of the discerning luxury cars shoppers we've served over the years here at Audi Tulsa, you're not "most drivers". You value that feeling of total control from the very moment you grip the steering wheel, and with the right Audi car with quattro® all-wheel drive, you'll get it. Audi quattro® provides exceptional traction and control when cornering at speed, allowing you to really get the most out of spirited driving on some of the winding roads around Tulsa. And when the weather gets wet, causing two-wheel drive cars to slip and slide, the Audi quattro® system ensures that you feel totally in control, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Of course, when we do get snow in the winter, you'll find that the Audi quattro® system allows you to climb steep slopes with the agility of a mountain goat, while lesser two-wheel drive cars are left spinning their wheels to no avail.

Now, there are plenty of other benefits to having Audi quattro® on your side, and we think they'll become readily apparent to you once you've spent some time behind the wheel. So, feel free to stop by our Tulsa, OK Audi dealership to test drive some of the new Audi models with quattro® all-wheel drive at your earliest convenience.

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