Safety First: How the 2018 Audi A6 with Audi pre sense® Protects You

From its stunning looks to its stellar performance, the new 2018 Audi A6 is a lovely vehicle in every sense of the word. However, there is one additional characteristic that makes this luxury car worthy of your attention, and that is the peace of mind it offers. With the support of available Audi pre sense® driver-assist technology, this model will go the extra mile to keep you safe.


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Some examples of Audi pre sense® features include:

Audi pre sense® plus — Consider this component as a buffer in a dire situation. When it detects danger, it prepares for impact by altering vehicle configurations. For instance, it will tighten seat belts, adjust seats, and partially close the windows to limit injury in the event of a collision. This immediate response does what it takes to protect those onboard.

Audi pre sense® rear — As you drive, your focus is largely on what lies ahead. Fortunately, your vehicle can monitor what lies behind when equipped with this technology. It uses sensors to calculate the distance and speed of approaching vehicles and will take precautionary steps like Audi pre sense® plus should it perceive a possible threat.

Smart features like Audi pre sense® plus, combined with other equipment like the 360-degree camera give the new 2018 Audi A6 the capability to keep you out of harm's way. Now you know a little more as to why we recommend this premium sedan to our customers here at Audi Tulsa. We encourage you to learn more with a visit to our Audi dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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