This time of year is an occasion when we can show our appreciation of one another by demonstrating our generosity. Here, at Audi Tusla, we want to show our appreciation for you by offering the Season of Audi Sales Event. With special offers and incredible savings, you can find an Audi model that suits your lifestyle while also benefiting from saving money on your next purchase.


What is the Season of Audi? It is a yearly event when Audi pays a credit towards your purchase or lease of select Audi models. If you have been hoping for a way to save on a new or unused Audi model, this may be the perfect opportunity. With a credit up to $1,250 on select models, you could be walking away with savings that make the car of your dream much more accessible.

Interested in an A5 Sportback? You could save up to $750 when you take advantage of this event. How about a new luxury SUV like the Q5, SQ5, or Q7 models? With credit ranging from $750 to $1,250, you will be able to enjoy the latest technology and sophisticated features at an affordable price.


What else is there to look forward to? If you're a returning Audi customer, Audi of America will pay $1,000 towards the lease or purchase of a new, unused 2017 or 2018 Audi model when you finance your lease or purchase through Audi Financial Services. We wanted to show our appreciation for those that continue to choose the luxury experience that Audi models offer.


The Season of Audi Sales Event is only in effect until January 2nd, so browse the current select models that offer savings and find an Audi vehicle that suits you before the deadline!

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