Three Reasons Why Your Vehicle Needs Regular Oil Changes

In much the same way that you need regular checkups, so too does your vehicle. In fact, one of the easiest ways to maintain the health of your vehicle is to get oil changes consistently. Below are three reasons why we encourage you to stay on top of this service.

Keeps Your Engine in Working Order — The main reason why you need to get oil changes on a regular basis is to make sure your engine stays in excellent condition. Proper oil levels will ensure all the pistons, valves, and other components are lubricated. This will reduce wear and tear dramatically and therefore keep it functioning as it should.

Increased Fuel Efficiency — Following the first reason, an engine in great condition will have to work less harder to produce energy. That means your vehicle will deliver better gas mileage. In turn, that means you will save more at the pump. According to studies by the U.S. Department of Energy, regular oil changes can save an average of one gallon of gas per year!

Upholds the Value of Your Vehicle — Taking both the factors mentioned above into consideration, it is easy to see how changing your oil will protect the longevity of your vehicle and enable it to run like new for many years. In other words, if it ever comes time to trade or resell it, you can get more value out of your exchange, giving you more money back for a job well done.

As you can see, the benefits are plentiful! So do not miss out on your next oil change. Let us assist you with the maintenance of your vehicle today. You can call (888) 376-8221 or schedule an appointment online.

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