Audi is Dedicated to Progress for Everyone

In early February, Audi aired a television adl that garnered quite a bit of attention. In the commercial, a father expresses his concerns about discrimination his daughter might face in the future, and a hope that she will be valued as an individual. The impetus for the ad came from a report issued by a joint Congressional Economic Committee showing that women are paid 21 percent less than men. Audi's drive to changing that statistic fueled the formation of their graduate internship program that requires 50 percent female enrollment.


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Audi signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge in 2016, clearly communicating the company's fundamental belief that people who execute the same job should be treated fairly. The company is expanding its review process to make sure that all employees – regardless of gender, race or ethnicity -- are paid equitably for the work they do. The company is also implementing hiring and development policies in order to add to the number of women in the company's workforce, at every level.

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