Car Care Tip: Tire Rotation

Along with safety, tire rotation is a recommended service by vehicle professionals. This routine wheel maintenance procedure is likely to help save vehicle owners in the long run. Preventing vehicle owners from purchasing tires prematurely, tire rotation is a safe and secure procedure to prolong the overall life of all your tires.

Vehicle professionals remove heavily worn tires from their previous position. The worn tires get placed in a position where light wear and tear will occur. The lightly worn tires are then switched and placed where heavy wear will occur. Rotating the tires will ensure an even wear between all four tires on your vehicle at once. This rotation will increase the safety of your tires and help secure your ride on rough terrain or slippery roads while commuting.

For drivers looking into tire rotation for their vehicles, stop in today at Audi Tulsa in Tulsa, OK, to speak to our professional staff for further assistance.

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